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U S Concrete Design, Inc. installs a full line of restoration and decorative products for concrete.


U S Concrete Design, Inc. plans to protect your existing concrete from deterioration as well as improve on the plain, gray look.


Our product is unique because it provides an alternative to tearing out and replacing a concrete area every few years due to deterioration from the elements. In addition, our product is competitively priced with that of tearing out and replacing concrete; however, our product provides a long lasting finish that comes with up to a 10 year residential warranty, unheard of in the concrete industry.


The product lines consist of an acrylic modified cement system known as the CTI Hallmark System. This product is sprayed or troweled over any existing, structurally sound concrete surface and provides a non-porous, easy to maintain surface that has a look, color and texture of any industry standard product such as flag stone, tile, slate, marble, etc.


U S Concrete Design Inc. also provides its products both inside and outside the home with the CTI Hallmark System having the ability to be applied on areas such as driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways and other exterior surfaces.


The main alternative recognized by the general public is the concrete contractor who will tear out the dilapidated slab and replace with new concrete that will deteriorate over time and have to be replaced again. Our product is unique because of the protective and bonding qualities the CTI Hallmark System exhibits. The product not only protects the concrete from elements that cause it to look bad over time, but it also provides a much better looking surface that will increase.


U S Concrete Design, Inc. provides a full line of epoxy and urethane sealers manufactured by CTI. These coatings can be used for high traffic areas such as shopping plaza entryways, commercial applications, car showrooms, etc.


Garage Floor Coating: The CTI Duraflek 5000 space age flooring surface provides beautiful, durable, granite – like finish, perfect for many areas around the home, it is state of the art concrete coating that offers a stain resistant, easy to clean surface, tougher than concrete. Duraflek resists wear and tear and wipes with just a damp sponge or mop. Duraflek is the perfect surface for all high traffic, high use areas.


Our stain is water-based extra-strength stain developed to achieve a decorative natural appearance on concrete floors and other porous mediums. Formulated as a user-friendly alternative to hazardous solvent and acid-based stains. Our stains are state of the art pigment preparation and new acrylic polymer research to ensure the highest quality results. Thanks to its superior adhesion, the stain works well on a variety of surfaces including, but not limited to, interior and exterior concrete, brick, plaster, and natural stone.


Concrete sealer is recommended to extend the stain’s longevity.


HIGHLIGHTS: Water Submersible, Fast Air Dry, Weather Resistant, Alkali Resistant, Low Odor, Overnight Deliverable.


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